Learn to manage your money

Money keeps running out… you keep being worried about your bills to pay. You never manage to save for long term projects. You have tried many times to budget, but this is not for you. Needs/wants... don't really work. You don’t have any clue about your retirement. You think about money at least once a day. Here are a few tips to help you. Join our online courses to learn more.


a+b=3’s 12 tips to manage money:

  1. Accountability: money is not yours! Manage it mindfully and responsibly, as if it belonged to your best friend. Take the means: keep track of all your transactions. Whenever you don’t manage your money… you are the first one to suffer the consequences.
  2. Intention: don't think what to buy... but why you buy. Aim high. Don't necessarily spend less, but spend better.
  3. Impact: think of how your choices - especially your spending- impact others: your family, friends, community, environment... prioritise your expenses accordingly.
  4. Be careful with debt:  borrowing is a big commitment. Don't confuse loans and income: keep loans exceptional for specific projects. Plan how to pay back before you borrow. Avoid interest. Always have a written agreement and return the borrowed money as agreed.
  5. Don't hoard: don't leave money unused. Keep money for specific reasons (safety, emergencies, commitments, specific goals) and make the rest circulate. Don't pile things at home: clothes, food, souvenirs... Travel light in life... that will help your mind and heart open up.
  6. Honour your commitments: calculate your daily spending limit: don't spend money you have promised to others.
  7. Give: to those in need around you, support your family, be generous with your friends too. Managing money carefully, tracking and planning give you more flexibility to help others. Don't focus on money: support can also be food, a phone call, a smile or encouraging your family to manage their money well!
  8. Don't compromise with honesty. Don't cheat and say no to corruption.
  9. Be patient and organised: plan ahead - don't get caught by time: use a calendar to plan your bills/debt(s) to pay, and goals you want to achieve and need to save money for.
  10. Self-control: focus on expenses that make you healthy and grow your mind and heart. Avoid destructive or no value expenses. Learn to say no to yourself.
  11. Stay humble and cool...: don't show off or get greedy. Money is a tool, not a goal. Seek advice for big decisions; discuss and decide with your spouse. Manage money at best, but keep in mind everything is not in your control. You will never fully master your financial fate!
  12. Cultivate contentment: true wealth is not just material. Grow all your assets: health, good relationships, character, useful knowledge...