Financial Literacy Training the Trainers - Youth programme

Giving Youth a financial head start

5, 6 and 7 December 2017 - Phnom Penh, Cambodia - with ICS-SP


Workshop highlights:

  • Highly participatory
  • Packed with training examples and programmes easy to use with your students
  • Behaviour focused and 100% youth-centred
  • Specific to Cambodia teenagers and young adults
  • Empowering: your trainers learn to manage their own money to be able to train your students and practise training during the workshop
  • Free access to our online training database.


Does your university or learning centre provide academic knowledge to young adults but lack expertise in helping them manage their money? Do your students struggle resisting peer pressure and consumption appeal? Do they ask money from their already financially vulnerable families? Do they dream to be an entrepreneur but don't fully measure what it entails? Would you like to equip them with basic knowledge and skills to make the most of their first salary once they graduate? Would you like to offer practical programmes to your Alumni?

Course objective:




Participants learn how to better control expenses and debt and to save. They identify the challenges that youth face with money, especially behaviour, social pressure, family support, life decisions (study vs. work, equipment purchase …), ethics and scams. They analyse what methods would best empower their students. They can use training examples straight away once back to their office.

Who should attend?


Workshop detailed programme:

Strongly recommended: online pre-course “learn to better manage money” available in English and French

Day 1: Discover our financial literacy workshop for youth

In this first day, trainers experience our “Money Starter” programme as youth.

Part 1: how youth learn about money

Part 2: experience programme for youth as a youth:

Day 2: Practise facilitating

In this second day, participants practise facilitating other programme examples for youth:

Part 3: Practise sessions: participants select a training activity and facilitate it.

Examples of training programmes:

Day 3: Entrepreneurship:

The focus of this third day is on business, then how to implement a successful programme for youth.

Part 4: Experience training on entrepreneurship programme like a youth:

Part 5: other ways to help youth become financially responsible

Our Approach: participatory, group activities, case studies, training demonstration and practise sessions. Our training workshops put finance in context and include behaviour and social issues. They are only one step in our endeavour to contribute to poverty alleviation: participants will also have access to our training database and technical review notes, plus support to implement their own training programme.

Co-organised and co-facilitated by ICS-Skillful Parenting Cambodia







Date & time: 5, 6 and 7 December 2017 8:30-17:00 (including a 90 minute lunch break)

Fee: US$195 (lunch, refreshment, training material and certificate from a+b=3 included) - Group discount, contact us.

Venue: Vipassa Leadership Academy, Preah Suramarit Blvd (268)  Phnom Penh

Information in Khmer Tel: : +855 (0) 23 885 805, +855 (0) 23 885 815

Language: Khmer

Deadline for registration: 15 November 2017

Early bird discount: $20 discount for registration before 1 November 2017

Inquiries :



Why you can’t miss this workshop:

  • Learn how to help your students get a head start and manage their money wisely,
  • Learn how to include financial education in context and motivate youth ,
  • Encourage youth to reflect and internalise ethical behaviour,
  • Gain confidence by practising facilitating,
  • Help your students build a sound relationship with money and good financial habits


Educate tomorrow’s parents, citizens and leaders!


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