Reflections on parenting and leadership


As I read an article sent by a friend on how to help our children grow as leaders, I wondered what "leader" means? What would a world full of "leaders" look like? What about inspiring our children to "simply" grow human (and this is not simple), and find a place among other humans, and that not growing into a "leader" does not mean they have failed, and they deserve as much love and attention whatever their place in society. The balance of a group relies on the diversity of its components; isn't it the caring connections between us all that make a society stronger. Western education emphasises individual development. But from the very first cells that make us on the first second of our life, we are the result of connections, to the relations with our parents, siblings, relatives, neighbours, friends, colleagues... we come into being by meeting with others. What personality would one have if born and "self-raised" on a desert island?


To the seven points in the article, here are a few others, which may help parents:



Help children find their place in the world - as dwellers of the Earth, a planet in a universe, by connecting them to the stars- a place in our family by building a strong connection with them built on respect and empathy, a connection to other human fellows, past and present, a place to our planet. a sense of real connection - without undo and logging off, whether leader or not.

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