A few figures:

132 people trained directly, of which 55 NGO/MFI staff and 48 underprivileged youth.

22 organisations reached (see list below)

7,889 people trained by organisations we trained.

Around 32,000 people reached as participants share with their colleagues and families (and often friends) what they have learned.

Programmes since 2007

Local partnerY.E.P.P. since 2016- contact us if your organisation is interested to partner with us.


a+b=3 logo's focus in the Philippines:

List of organisations we have worked with:

Enfants du Mekong: after running a programme for students in Cambodia, we started rolling it out in Cebu in 2007 and ran a training the trainers in 2014. Besides money management for the students sponsored by Enfants du Mekong, we have also designed and run a three day programme to boost Samar Island’s agriculture university students with business practical skills. Read more.

Y.E.P.P (Youth Enrichment Programme Pilipinas) was created by Catalina, an Enrich graduate, ambassador and mentor. Since 2016, Y.E.P.P. has used a+b=3's programmes to reach out youth in the Philippines. Read more.

Enfants du Mekong – entrepreneurs: ran a programme to empower vulnerable youth set up a social entreprise. For the business finance, budget and bookkeeping parts, they used our curriculum. Read more.

Pioneer Foundation: asked a+b=3 to co-develop a financial education programmes for schools that they have rolled out since 2008.

Enfance Foundation: after attending a short Training the Trainers in Quezon City, selecting material from our online database and adapting it, Enfance Foundation partnered with the Department of Social Welfare and Development of the Philippines and delivered financial literacy to the beneficiaries of the Pantawid Pamilyand Pilipino Program. Read more.

Other organisations who have attended our workshops:

Passerelles Numériques Philippines


St John  Community

Children of Asia


France Volontaires










Phil CV

ATD Fourth World

Seed Center Philippines

International Association for Volunteers

Cebu Provincial Capitol Employees