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Organisations who attended our training the trainers workshops:



What participants to our courses say...

NGO trainers:

"The best workshop that I ever attended. Hope to have more training like this. This would help us a lot for our community people." (Introduction workshop, Philippines, 2014)

"Over all training of financial training was great. It was very light but at the same touches our heart and teaches our mind. Thank you. We will adopt some activities to improve our financial literacy trainings." (Introduction workshop, Philippines, 2014)

"Financial difficulties are not a fatality for anyone, we just need education and training." (Introduction workshop, Philippines, 2014)

"I liked the simplicity and more direct approach of the financial literacy program that was presented." (Introduction workshop, Philippines, 2014)

"The importance of the culture regarding financial." (Introduction workshop, Philippines, 2014)

“Thank for your email. I still use what you I have learned with you with my family and my job [three years ago]. My family: i save money as soon as I have a little income. I pay what I need not what I want. When I just get salary, take it for debt first as I took some money from bank to buy land in Phnom Penh. For my work: I always teach baby sitter to save money and take note what they pay per day. And let them make plan with money. (Chanda, Financial Literacy, Cambodia)

“First of all, we would like to express our thanks and congratulations for the event. The training was well made and has been simply enlightening.  Also personally speaking, I have started applying it with my family and it has made us see how we spend, plan future expenses and be more empowered over our finances! Once again, thank you for imparting your knowledge! :)” (Eduard, Financial Literacy, Philippines)

“ Dear Sophie, I just want to say thank for all your great intention to hold the class on A+B=3 in Cambodia. It is really helpful and I believe every single person should take this course because it's important to know how to manage money. You know what!! when I want to buy something  I always think you....before taking the course with you i did not set priorities between Needs and Wants. As time passed by and after I participated the class with you I felt much better on money managing. I'm glad I took this course......Million thanks to Pepy as well that sent me to your class. I wish more people could access to your program.  “ (Training the Trainers – Chhunny)

“Dear teacher, Thanks so much , you try all the method to help us, I do not know how many words that I want to say thanks so much to you. You are the first that give all the method to participants. I keep all your documents and try to follow all the methods.” (Training the Trainers – Leakhena)

“I would like to thank you very much for your sharing us the most important knowledge. First of all, I would like to thank you very much for your perfect training on financial education that made me wake up and know a lot about how to manage my money well. It's really good and useful for me. Sure, I will run my own business because I got the knowledge from your training and try my best to make my plan with this. I hope my business will run well as I expected. Secondly, I've shared this knowledge to my colleagues and also clients since I came back. I hope they have gotten and improved their quality of life as much as they can. Lastly, I would like to thanks again and wish you all the best.” Training the Trainers – Dara

“I want to tell that after I have done the online course with you, now i established a farm on agriculture.” (Online course - Sreng)

“Thank you for sending me the sample of business plan. It is a useful document and will be helpful for my job. I am very pleased to attend this program with you. This program in fact did add value to my business. I know better how to keep my business sustainable.  I am looking forwards to getting the supported learning materials from you soon.” (Malay, TOT Microbusiness)

“I improved with a 3-day-training with you on Micro-business and I even started to apply it with my beneficiaries through a training and I just find that it’s more practical and making a better result.” (Phearath, TOT Microbusiness)

“I have learned more the process of training and good methodology for provide to poor community. (Kriya, TOT Microbusiness)

“Firstly, thank you very much to A+B=3 especially Sophie who works very hard to train all of us with very good lesson and practical activities. And also thanks for all of friends which shared a lot of experiences and idea in term of business and life.” (Sovannara, TOT Microbusiness)

“Many thanks for the fruitful training which you had delivered during these interested 3 days. I have gone through the pictures, they are lovely and amazing. Once again, thanks for your commitment to follow up our participants after the training.” (Vanndeth, TOT Financial Literacy)

“I'm so happy when having a talk with you for upgrade my financial knowledge. I love your course; the same time when i read and do your assignment, it already open my mind related to financial education. (Pol Ponleu - online course)

“The financial literacy was very very helpful to me especially the saving part using envelopes. I have been doing it practically and have enjoyed it.  Thanks a lot.” (Dorry, TOT Family Budgeting)

“I would like to thank you for your valuable time you had given to us in the seminar, the truth is I really learned a lot from the training it changes  something in me that I've never done before specially in dealing with money management. I am very thankful to my manager […] I don't really know how to express my gratitude to him that he included me in this training. I already applied it to my daily routine and it really works. I hope I can teach students effectively because it works for me.” (Maria, Philippines)

Migrant workers:

“Everything was great! Thanks!” (A participant in Good Habits with Money)

“All is useful... more training!” (A participant in Good Habits with Money)

“very encouraging and learn a lot from it” (A participant in Good Habits with Money)

“I will use he knowledge and skill gained on the course to control and budget my money.” (A participant in Good Habits with Money)

“I will certainly apply this to my way of living.” (A participant in Good Habits with Money)

“Wonderful”. (A participant in Good Habits with Money)

“I am enjoying the class: it is practical, clear and specific. In fact, I do some records, but I don’t have a complete knowledge to organize it. But it is getting clearer, so thank you very much.” (A participant in Good Habits with Money)

“The course is so interesting. It really speaks about the reality of life. I learned a lot and will follow it all. Thanks a lot!” (A participant in Good Habits with Money)

“Ang pinakamahalagang natutunan ko ngayon ay ang pagbabudget with a budgeting list. Ililista ko lahat ng bayarin at kita at kung ano pa ang isi-save ko. Ang mag-save for the future at kung paano ko idi-divide ang pera na may matitira pa rin sa akin. Marami akong natutuhan. Thank you.” (The most important thing I learned is how to budget using a budget list. I will list all of my expenses and income and whatever it is that I need to save on. (I also learned) to save for the future and how to divide my money so that something will remain for me. I learned a lot of things. Thank you)(A participant in Good Habits with Money)

“Have more seminars for all OFW and residents weekly or monthly.” (A participant in Good Habits with Money)

“I like learning about how I should save, how to organize all my expenses and to think of my future.” (A participant in Good Habits with Money)

“All the topics were very useful and helpful. Wonderful! Keep this kind of courses in the future, very good knowledge for us!” (A participant in Setting up your own Business)

“We really appreciated what we learned today which we never knew before so starting from now we should make budget in our home to avoid arguments and we will teach our children how to save money for future goals.” (Raising financially responsible children, IKTMC)

Read the stories of Ariyul and Kristina:

Ariyul, Domestic Helper in Hong Kong

Thanks a lot to A+B=3 Ltdto what I have become today. Before I never thought that I will get out of my financial problems, especially because of my family. Since I took the course, it is better! It solved all my problems. I could reduce my IDD call, remittance, local phone bill, shopping, and save more. I set a goal: to buy land. Luckily, a neighbour sold the house and thanks again, I managed to pay with my saving. Now I harvest the fruits of the land that I bought a long time ago. So from now onward, I don't need to worry about my family, because if they need money, they just harvest the fruit, sell them and use the money for their needs.

I still have one last goal: to open a small restaurant called "Restaurant Sea Food Halal 99". Now, I save every little dollar. I also learn extra knowledge (guitar playing) and on my day off, I teach guitar and it adds to my saving. Thanks a lot again for changing my life.

Now I really have my own home and own land. I am sure all my friends can make it! Try! All the best,

Ariyul. 25 October 2007

Kristina, employee in a NGO in Hong Kong:

My name is Kristina. I am an Indonesian who has been staying in Hong Kong for almost 4 years now. I am working in the educational centre that provides various kinds of courses and workshops for domestic helpers and migrant workers. The courses and workshops aim to educate, empower, and set their awareness on issues that related to their current and future life. One of the workshops is Financial Workshop that conducted by Sophie Paine from A & B make 3.

The interesting part of my work is when I am participating in teaching, organizing, and or translating, I am also learning. With Financial Training is no exception. I always want to be wiser about my money but the thing is I had no idea how to help my self. I have been never a spend-aholic and I have never had problem with debt but as I learnt from my experience and from the training, having good habits about money is essential; to know where I am now is as important as to know how to prepare my goals in money sense. I did not really care about that before. I spent all my money and often had no idea what I spent it for. And the consequence is saving becomes a big problem for me and I often ended up with spending my money on short terms things.

For my case, budgeting is the help I need the most. It was not easy at all when I started it, I even thought that I would suffer because of it. To switch habits of spending money on everything you want to setting some aside for what more important is not easy deal. I decided to have my monthly budget; I did it every month, so that I know where my money should go. I was also trying not to shop ‘spontaneously’ as I usually do. I always refer to my budget how much money I can spend on certain items or how much money I can spend for things I really want though I did not really need it. I even further challenged myself by putting my youngest sister (who is attending private university in Indonesia ) monthly money on my budget. My budget plan shows me that I can do it.

My mom was surprised when I called her one day to say: “Mom, no need to send monthly money to my youngest sister anymore, I will be the one who send it from next month”. Then, I really did that. And now though she had been graduated from university, I decided to send the money home every month. There is a great feeling in doing such thing and I know my parents will be happy for me for one more thing: their daughter is now more mature in money sense. And with myself, I am not suffering at all. Instead, I can spend money for what I really want and need even better because everything is on the budget, including emergency money.

Having Sophie Paine in our centre conducting the financial workshop is a blessing for the Centre and our clients, and also for me. I planned to change and there was a workshop that helps me to do so. The only thing I regretted it is I did not do it earlier. I really believe that many people need this workshop to help them with their habits on money and to help them to live more freely with their money.

Kristina, May 2008

Cambodian Students:

 “The advantage of studying finance: can keep more money than before; think a lot before spend money, know how to keep money. (Chel Chong)

“After I studied the workshop named “saving money”, I got: first I stopped buying that not important. I just buy what is important (…). Before I don’t know how to save money, now I know how to do it. I mean one month, I keep 10$ in my pocket every month. I can save money because I know hot to spend it and how to keep it. I saved some money, it’s not much but I try to save it. I’m happy about this course, it gives me how to save money, it’s a good course.” Heangly (Year 2)




Business managers:

Very clear presentation & using simple terminology and examples to make understanding easy. Sophie is very interactive and patient. (very rare traits of an accountant)” A participant in Finance for Non Finance Managers - Kuala Lumpur

Took time to answer and explain things. Very interactive and responsive. Creative in getting participants to go through exercises.” A participant in Finance for Non Finance Managers - Kuala Lumpur

Very helpful examples and case studies. Clear and precise presentation.” A participant in Finance for Non Finance Managers - Kuala Lumpur

Ability to explain in simple way that is fit for non-financial background managers.” A participant in Finance for Non Finance Managers - Kuala Lumpur

Very knowledgeable with wide experience in various business types that help to answer the questions from participants (from all business types).” A participant in Finance for Non Finance Managers - Kuala Lumpur

Her explanations were good and detailed.” A participant in Finance for Non Finance Managers – Singapore

Very well structured course, learnt a lot. Thanks! ” A participant in Finance for Non Finance Managers – Singapore

Your activities are excellent.” A participant in Finance for Non Finance Managers – Singapore

Sophie is awesome! Her content knowledge is top rate and she explains things in a way that they are understandable by the basic layperson.” A participant in Finance for Non Finance Managers – Singapore

“(I got) greater awareness of where the money comes from and goes to, a better understanding of the bottom line and cash flow of my business , a better ability to advise my clients about their businesses, a better ability to communicate with my accountant, a better ability to assess costs, risks and opportunities.” A participant in “Autopilot – finance made easy”

The course was very useful and I feel much more confident around my P&L, balance sheet, etc. I use what I learnt every day.” A participant to “Autopilot – finance made easy”

Dear Sophie, I really enjoyed the course and found it a great help that you used actual example cases such as Sarah's case to teach us.” A participant in Budgeting ABC

Thorough coverage of topics, easy to understand, helps to decrease the fear in actually getting this done!” A participant in Budgeting ABC

Finally! Freedom from ignorance is at hand. Thank you Sophie for making financing feel easy”. A participant in Budgeting ABC

The flow of information covered is excellent. There are plenty of handouts for reference and I liked the interaction with others.” A participant in Budgeting ABC

Very organized presentation, presented in a way easy to understand. The interactivity makes concepts easier to understand.” A participant in Investing ABC


"My son really enjoyed the money course and he is much more eager to save, than to spend now!" (Nathan (6 years old) 's mother - Adventures at Money Park)

“My children told me that they have enjoyed a lot of your teaching. Today, I asked several questions (from your print) to them, to my surprise, they answered all right. I guess they must like your class, otherwise, they won't remember at all what they learned”. (Kosei, her 2 kids attended A Trip to the Money Moon)

“I have spent hours to talk to him about the need for recording expenses but he ignored me. After the course, he wrote it down and did have some idea on the need of savings.” (Theo (9)’s mother – A Trip to the Money Moon)

“The activity I liked the most was the shopping game because we got to use money and buy stuff.” (A participant in A Month without Parents)

“The activity I liked the most was the budget map, buying with my credit card and shopping.” (A participant in A Weekend Off)

“The activities I liked the most were getting a job, shopping and paying the bills because they were fun, educational and they all attracted my attention.” (A participant in A Month without Parents)

“The activities I liked the most were the map, shopping, the phone, EVERYTHING because it is great and I learned a lot with it.” (A participant in A Month without Parents)


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