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More than 50,000 people attended our programmes:

Vision & Mission: money counts, people matter

Our vision is a world where money is a tool to grow ourselves and our communities rather than a goal or a tool of oppression. Money is social: when we spend, save, invest or run a business, it impacts others; for us, a financial literate person is someone who does not harm others when managing money. Ethics and mindfulness are at the heart of our curriculum.

Our mission is to help people make better decisions with money in order to have a more harmonious and healthier life. Our financial literacy and microbusiness programmes do not only focus on the technical part of money management but above all on behaviour; we believe that finance and ethics go hand in hand to make this world a better place. 

How does financial education contribute to poverty alleviation?


Our business model: why isn't A and B make 3 limited a charity, but a social enterprise: read further


Our approach:


Empowering NGO/company trainers to manage their own money and facilitate programmes to low income people:

We believe this is a more sustainable and empowering approach than training low income people directly.

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Our Partners

Gradually, we are building a network of like-minded organisations. Thanks to our partners in Cambodia, China and DR Congo, more people and organisations get access to our financial education and microbusiness programmes.



Our partners also include organisations who have been using our curriculum for many years: Enfants du Mekong, Salabai, Bethezer Aid Fund, ICS, Passerelles Numeriques, Entrepreneurs du Monde...

If you are interested in partnering and co-hosting our programmes in your country, please contact us.


Sophie Paine

Director and founder

Daughter of teachers and grand-daughter of an entrepreneur, Sophie’s vision is a world where financial hardships do not prevent children and adults from getting education and where money is a tool to grow our most precious asset: ourselves. Sophie is a Chartered Accountant (DECF), and has a Master degree in business studies (Institut d'Etudes Politiques de Paris), a post graduate in finance and banking (Paris-Dauphine) and a diploma in Islamic Finance (CIFE, ETHICA). She worked in financial management and accounting in US and British corporations (Hogg Robinson, SmithKline Beecham, Diageo...) and NGO (American Refugee Committee). In 1998, she set up her first finance training programme for non finance managers. In 2005, Sophie createdA and B make 3 limited to share her enthusiasm about education, and financial education in particular, and empower low income people to improve their lives. In 2007, Sophie co-founded Enrich a Hong Kong based registered charity empowering migrant women. Since 2005, Sophie has facilitated training workshops in Hong Kong, Cambodia, Philippines, USA, Shanghai, Singapore, Kenya and Kuala Lumpur. She also co-facilitated the World Bank Institute on-line financial programme from 2005 to 2009. Sophie has published three children's books and she loves adding colour to A and B make 3 limited's courses to engage all participants even those who hate numbers! To contact Sophie: sophie@aandbmake3.com


Our Network

A few people have been key contributors to a+b=3:


Chhunny Noem


Chhunn is a professional trainer on leadership and management, and Meditation Guru. He has a degree in Buddhist Philosophy with an English language major from the International Buddhist University (MCU) of Chiang Mai, Thailand. He also served as President of the Cambodian Students Association and Volunteer Teachers Leader at the International Meditation Center (in Chiang Mai). Chhunn is the Co-Founder & Training Manager at SmallWorldCambodia where he is responsible for peacekeeping, community & interpersonal communications, cultural preservation, philosophy and holds trainings for groups of students on personal development, team building, and youth empowerment. In parallel, he also works as Senior Trainer for PossibilitiesWorld, a company delivering Leadership Development and Management solutions.  His own project, dharmatravelers, was formed to teach students and young people the importance of maintaining a balanced lifestyle (personal/family/business/community). He uses this model to guide his students towards self-empowerment to build commitment, self-belief and determination. Meditation is an important pillar in these teachings. This project will also work closely with the generation and their children severely affected by the Khmer Rouge period, and who still suffer from anxiety and recurring memories. His passion is to see young Cambodians live their dreams, goals and passions and to help them build inner-peace through true understanding.

Chhunny has facilitated workshops in Khmer and provided translations for a+b=3 since 2010. He is fluent in Khmer, Thai and English. To contact Chhunny: monksplanet@gmail.com


Do Bich Phuong


Phuong is an enthusiastic Project Manager with extensive experience in South-East Asia. She has worked in Vietnam, Cambodia, Philippines, Laos, Myanmar, India and France in various positions: marketing, training, management, strategy and planning. She has trained in a wide range of development-related areas: livelihood, family development, nutrition, microfinance, health and financial literacy. Phuong started her career in a vocational training school for disadvantaged youth in Vietnam and has worked for NGOs (GRET, Entrepreneurs du Monde). Phuong loves empowering trainers and supporting them so that training programmes have a full impact. Phuong has a Master in Project Management specializing in “Innovation and Entrepreneurship project”, (Nantes University, France) and a BA in French (Hanoi National Foreign Language University, Vietnam); she is fluent in French, English and Vietnamese and speaks basic Mandarin, Tagalog and Khmer. Phuong currently works as social development manager at Enfants & Developpement, in Hanoi.

To contact Phuong: do.phuong.international@gmail.com


Maneth Minh


Maneth is an English and Business Life Coordinator (Team Management, Training Management, Training Delivery, and Timetable Management) at PASSERELLES NUMERIQUES; PN enables the most underprivileged young people to access employment in the promising sector of high tech and break the cycle of poverty for them and their families. He has also worked as an interpreter with Hope Education (Global Development Group) and Heng TithSambath buying and selling Heavy Machine overseas and taught English for more than a decade. Furthermore, he has passed the Exchange Program at the Global Leader Camp in MAHASARAKHAN University in Thailand and has a Bachelor’s Degree in English Language from the Institute of Foreign Languages (IFL) from the Royal University of Phnom Penh (RUPP) (2009). He also got a Master of Education in educational planning and management from RUPP in 2013. Maneth is always ready to educate people because he believes that education is the best way to develop his country. To contact Maneth: manethmin@gmail.com


Beazhan Hussaini

Beazhan, Volunteer Advisor, has 11 years of professional experience in a wide range of areas including Administration, Human Resources Management, Research and Policy Development, Project Management, Career Development, Capacity Building Training, Logistics and Finance in international non-profit organisations in conflictive countries (Afghanistan and Syria), further strengthened by achieving two Master degrees in Business Administration from University of Lugano, Switzerland (2015) and Management of Development from Turin University in partnership with the International Training Centre of ILO, Italy (2016). He is fluent in Persian, English and has a fair command of Pashto, Urdu and Arabic. Beazhan is a passionate learner and loves sharing what he learns with others, especially to help them improve their lives. To contact Beazhan: beazhan.hussaini@outlook.com


We also regularly work with freelance trainers. Are you an experienced trainer and interested to facilitate our training programmes? Please email us your curriculum vitae and references.